Ras BonetoRas Boneto

Lineil Thompson a.k.a Ras Boneto was born on June 1st 1975 in 
Manchester, Jamaica.  He started music at age 15. His first recording "Bomb Shell" was produced by himself 
and had lot's of Airplay in 2001."Bomb Shell" explore the conscious and 
positive Attitudes of him dealing with the current system we live in,
as well as the Song "Free My People" from the same year describing 
the situation of people finding themself in a Mental Prison devided 
from eachother.
The Song "Be Strong" encourage the people to have faith in Jah.  
Ras Boneto is inspired by several Jamaican Artists such as Garnett Silk, 
Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.   
He sucsessfully performed in Jamaica on Shows like "Stars in Action" where he shared the Stage with Artists like Everton Blender,Cocoa Tea, Turbulance and Capleton. In 2003 Ras Boneto toured Gambia and since then he performed on Festivals and Stage shows in Jamaica and the United Kingdom.