Kevin Roye a.k.a. Biggaton was born on April 17 and grew up in Mandeville. He attended the Mandeville All Age School from where he gained a scholarship to Holmwood Technical High. He began deejaying while at Holmwood Technical High with the help of his friends. Biggaton said, "I was once suspended from school because I would not stop deejaying. While I was going to school a friend of mine introduced me to a band by the name of Traffic Jam and I have gotten the privilege to perform on a lot of anti-drug school concerts and stage shows all over Jamaica. They also released my first song Equal Living". Biggaton is well known in Jamaica and internationally.
He has performed on many stage shows such as Rebel Salute '96 in Mandeville, Garnet's Silk Birthday Bash '96 in Ochio Rios and Luciano's Birthday Bash '96 in Central Village St. Catherine. Biggaton has toured the Cayman Island between June 18-23, 1996 with deejays Buccaneer, Dirty Birty, Alfrancis, Major Bones and D. Radcliff.
Biggaton @ Vibes Peace Freedom MusicpromotionDuring the year 1999 the conscious artist release tunes call "What a Ting" a song on the compilation album named "Istick in the cloud". As this conscious artist continue to move to higher heights in the year 2000 he performed in England on the More Fire tour with Capleton. On Jamaica's top annual stage shows such as More Culture 2001 held in Montego Bay, and the annual show "Rebel Salute" , "Still Blazing" at the Mandeville Greenvale Complex with international artist Capleton and the David House Family, Cocoa Tea, Culture Knox and many more top performers. In 2003, he also performed on "St. Mary mi come from", "Everton Blender Birthday Bash" and "G.T. Taylor Extravaganza".
On 21st January 2005 his album produced by Hector 'Istick' Dawkins from the Pleasant Hill Records was launched in Jacksonville Florida and Co-distributed by VP RECORDS and PLEASANT HILL RECORDS. The name of the album is "Eyes of the Wise" and
is now available in stores. Biggaton was also on tour in the United States of America (U.S.A.)
He was in and out of the (U.S.A.) for the entire 2005, touring over 21 states. He also toured the US virgin island in 2005.
In 2006 he performed on most of the major shows in Jamaica.

Since 2007 he toured places like Barbados, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Biggaton is the 2008 DIAMOND AWARDS WINNER, for 'Reggae Artist of the Year ' in Jacksonville Fl.

2009 All Major Show in Jamaica Biggaton Was On Them.
2010 Rebel SaluteĀ  was a Big 1 for Biggaton
Biggaton said his words of wise ness to the youths are "Love yourself, be true and be the best of who you are in Righteousness. Holy Emanuel I, Marcus I, Selassie I, Rastafar I.



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